Friday, 22 April 2016


So we're still in Newcastle on The Friday Archive.  If you recall, I was there with my stepson to watch a game of footy.

On the Sunday we had a wee dander about 'the toon'.  We did a museum thing, which was excellent.  Here was my son's gf at the time, Steph, getting some fluids in.

This was the view across the road from the museum:

There was a wee Sunday street market down by the river, which was quite good I seem to recall for a present for Missy, stranded back home in The Liberties:

I've always been a sucker for motorbikes - my father loved his Triumph T500C. (The 'C' was important, I remember him telling me, standing for 'Clubman' edition if I remember correctly.  Apparently they were race-tuned, or something like that.  He sold it to get married and then bought it back a couple of years later).  Here he is on it, probably somewhere in the South of France, which was were he was usually to be found in his bachelor days once the school year had finished:

There was some serious hardware parked up at the market which were hard to walk past without a second glance:

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