Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Now I have to say that over the past while my patience has been wearing rather thin with regard to getting the darkroom sorted out with running water.  But finally - finally - my man Buff has turned up and he and his man spent yesterday sorting it out.  It was a bit tricky, since they had to go from the boiler cupboard up to the loft, under the upstairs floor, around the corner and then into the roof space above the darkroom, before coming back down and fixing to the taps.  The plastic pipes made it all a lot easier with all those 90-degree angles in the loft.  But it all went as smoothly as these things can go and a grand job it looks, too.

I've a wee bit more prep to do before it's all ship-shape-and-Bristol-fashion.  Just some connectors to put on the taps so I can hook up (and un-hook as necessary) a spray attachment, which I think might be useful.  And I need to get the print washer connected, but hopefully that won't take long.  All these things aren't necessary, of course, to get the job done, but they will make the whole process a lot more pleasant, and I'm all for that.  I know that my wife will be happier too, since I will no longer be spilling chemicals to and from the darkroom and the kitchen.  She puts up with a lot, she does, what with my ankylosing spondylitis, my poor hearing (which at the minute is unbelievably bad) and my obsession with all things photographic.  It must be love.

Here's The Hound for y'all...slightly damp after the morning run on Portstewart Strand and snapped up Mamiya 645-style.

He's watching some-one either walking or driving down our road, hence the rather alert, although resting, pose.  Like all mutts on their home turf, he's ready for action should the situation suddenly deteriorate...

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