Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Cutts

I know I've done The Cutts before but lately I've been strangely drawn to them.  There's a handy car park just beside them and every time I go it all looks a little different. 'Tis the nature of things, I guess.

Locks by the River Bann at The Cutts

The sky as you can see was uncommonly cloud-free.  September was a strange month this year in The Liberties - not your usual foretaste of the winter-weather...more like late summer-weather.  No-one's complaining, though, since summer was a washout this year, even more than usual.

The next time I was there (with the Franka) the flood gates were open but there wasn't that much water in the river.  More to come in the next few months methinks, and maybe in the next few moments if those clouds are anything to go by...

The Cutts by F. Solida

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