Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sussex Streets

I'm sure you all recall my feeble attempts at street photography earlier this year in Cannes and a couple of days ago in Eastbourne.  Undeterred, I plucked up the courage to snap a couple more as we ambled around Lewes.

What's he looking at, eh?

I did consider cropping that one, removing the bloke in the black t-shirt on the right.  But then I left it as was it was.  I liked the group with the telescope, also the lady in the chair behind, but I'm too far away from them.  I'm very not like that guy Erik Kim who goes around sticking a camera right in people...I'm way too timid for that.  And round The Liberties I suspect people wouldn't take too kindly to that sort of behaviour - we're not City Slickers, y'know.

Actually I did bring the camera into town a couple of years ago and pointed it down Kingsgate Street - you know, beside St Patrick's Church -  to see what it looked like in the viewfinder.  Now it was a Yashica Electro 35 I was using - the world's first electronically controlled camera, so The Brother informed me, but that's another story - and so was unlikely to cause too much offence.  Well how wrong could you be...this couple, about 60-years old, spied me with the camera up pointing vaguely in their direction and before I could say 'f8 and be there' the bloke was up and off.  He actually went to hide in a doorway, checking my whereabouts every few seconds while his missus turned her back and gave the odd little glance over her shoulder at me.  What was all that about? I mean, they weren't actually doing anything at the time - just sitting on a bench.  Anyway, I thought it better I didn't pursue things and that, dear readers, was the end of my street photography experiment in The Liberties.  Folk round these parts are queer - and I should know, I'm one mysel'.

Anyway, back to Lewes, where folk are different.  Just a little further up the road from the Lewes Antiques Centre there was a very small street market.  Missy was, as usual, in some sort of boutique shop or other so as I hung about outside I snapped this one:

Lovely pineapples in Sussex
Maybe I should do more people - I think I definitely might just possibly have a natural flair for it.  Or maybe not...

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