Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Down the Port

A couple of weeks ago we went 'down the Port' for a dander.  Portstewart, that is.  It was a bright afternoon/evening and although I had the 'Blad with me I wasn't confident.  But when you get both exposure and development half right there's a fair bit of detail captured in an HP5+ negative and that, my friends, gives one plenty of scope to play around in the darkroom.  This was the result after a few test prints, on Warmtone RC paper:

Portstewart Bay, HP5+, Ilford Warmtone RC paper


  1. That's beautiful and dramatic. Definitely one for the living room wall or an exhibition.
    - Marcus Peddle

    1. Thank you Marcus - more work in the darkroom than usual for me but I was happy with the result.