Friday, 2 March 2018

Getting older

Herself.  Getting older, but still our baby:

This one on Ilford Warmtone fibre paper for a change and it came out rather nice to my completely unbiased eyes :)  Bear in mind this is a crappy 2-minute scan...

I've only just noticed the heart in the background - it's a decoration on a thingamy that my wife must have put out over Christmas.  Perfectly placed for this snap - totally by chance, of course.  And yes, this one's going on the wall - did you even have to ask?


  1. Nah... not at all did I have to ask :))
    A truly gorgeous print it is for sure my friend. It even reminds me it's been a while since I printed anything at all onto a sheet of Ilford Warmtone, so I better dig out one of them boxes and give it a go some day soon. At least I got a couple of new bulbs for the enlarger, which makes it even easier to get the deed done :)

    1. Thanks Roy. I've haven't used much of the Warmtone Fibre but it appears to be a different beast to the RC equivalent. I like it. I got a bunch from a professional photographer selling out last year - or even 2016 - and it's sitting waiting to be used, so methinks I better get on with it. I've been storing it in the garage - sub-zero temps in the winter, not much warmer in the summer so it should be OK for a while yet :)

      And...good news about the bulbs! I shall of course tune into the usual place for regular updates :) I'm sure you've a ton of negs just ready for that new light to be shone through.

  2. Warmtone fiber... I got a fair selection of sizes of the same paper myself as well. I like it a lot to be honest, but have been mostly using the regular fibre stuff for some reason. Went through a few sheets this morning as I got a couple of prints to deliver in a few days. The lovely couple living in the old lighthouse keepers house need a few more prints to be displayed in the lighthouse museum, and I struggled a little bit to get the real nice blacks in one of them. Decided to switch to warm tone, and that made the trick at least on that one print. As I had dug out the brown warm tone box anyway I decided to print a neg I struggled a bit with a few months ago. What a difference compared to the old enlarger! Suddenly it printed like a dream and with a clarity I have never seen from that neg before. Satisfaction on a stick, that enlarger! :))