Monday, 3 July 2017

What would Roy do?

I play a little game from time to time when I'm out and about with the camera.  I call it 'What would Roy do?'.  The Roy I am referring to is my good blogger friend Roy Karlsvik - him of Between Light and Shadow (which is well worth a visit).  Roy is, in my opinion, a master at spotting a good shot when you think there's nothing there.  He sees shape and form where there isn't any and as you might expect, light and shadow.  Anyway, a quick nosey around his blog and you'll see what I'm trying (very badly) to say.

So when I think there's nothing of interest to snap, I ask myself 'What would Roy do?' and as well as putting a smile on my face I find myself looking a little bit differently at the scene in front of me.  'Cos let's face it, there is form and shape and light in most things in front of your eyes...sometimes shadow too.

This is one of of those 'What would Roy do?' snaps.  Taken from the top deck of the Porto sightseeing open-top tour bus as we drove around the city, seeing the sights as one does when on holiday.  The bus had stopped beside this balcony and I thought there might be something worth snapping up, what with all that geometry and what have you.  So here we are, lith-developed on some Foma paper:

Balcony in Porto, 2017


  1. Ah... What can I possibly say, my friend? Thanks for the kind words, of course, and for the nice snap done from the bus down south in Porto. Don't know if I could manage to get that one done, but then again we will actually never quite know either.
    Talking about lines and such I've been out walking on our pier over here in Glasgow today. Brought a couple of good and bad cameras and everything, so might have cought something for all we know.
    Going over to Irish waters in a few days, but don't yet know if there will be any crew change over there in Killybegs or wherever. I will of course let you know if it's likely to happen.
    For now I'm stuck on the River Clyde anyway, and will be for tomorrow as well by the looks of things.
    You might find out more over at my place one of these days, cause I'm writing... believe it or not :))

    1. I think you would have got a lot from this city, Roy. From what I know of your work in Stornoway and Kirkwall and places like that :)

      Glasgow is a great city - I love it. It's a real place and a place that I'm sure you will get good snaps out of from any camera you happen to have with you as you dander about...

      I will certainly look out for both your words in the usual place and any sign of you coming over to Ireland, for sure!

      And...write on, my friend, it will be read!