Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Majestic Cafe, Porto

The Majestic Cafe on the main drag in Porto looked the part, I have to say.  Lovely architecture and the place was buzzing with staff who were dressed to the nines.  

I got me borders all wrong on this 8"x10" print on Kentmere VC Select paper, so I cut them off.

We didn't 'do' the Majestic for lunch that day - oh no, much too sensible for us, that place.  We went into a wee caff opposite for a light bite, a wee caff which turned into a bigger place once inside, Tardis-like, y'know.  Just on that subject I hear that the new Doctor is a woman!  Imagine!  Anyway, the cafe opposite the Majestic turned out just OK, a bit disappointing really, although I got a snap or two off which you might see sometime later on this place.  The good news was that after our light bite my wife and Missy continued with their shopping frenzy and I was left to me own devices.  So I wandered a bit further along the Rua de Santa Catarina.  As the shops petered out towards the top I came across some sort of Art Gallery thing.  I decided to venture in, but realised there was a man sleeping, or slumped, across the entrance.  As it was all a bit quiet and not too many people about I beat a dignified retreat and headed back down to the shops.  But all was not lost for I came upon a small YellowKorner Photographic Gallery and had a lovely conversation with the girl looking after it. There was some nice work on show - the work of this guy in particular caught my eye.  

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