Saturday, 24 June 2017

Still not here

Last full day in the lovely city of Porto. Public holiday today, something to do with St John the Baptist. Big celebrations last night, I think everyone in Portugal was in town, or so it seemed. The thing to do is tap everyone you meet on the head with a plastic hammer - it seemed to work well, everyone was in good spirits.

Last of the series of prints I made from the new growth Ash tree. This one on Art300 paper again, but toned this time - firstly with mild sepia, then selenium. Toned well it did - strong colour shifts in both:


  1. So... you had to go all the way to Porto to get hammered?!
    Another beautiful print, anyway :))

    1. Haha - hammered we got all right, by lots of strangers! It was all done in a very friendly way, I have to say. In Ireland it may well have got out of hand!

      I made so many prints of this neg...I was sick of it by the end...well, almost :)