Friday, 2 June 2017


This is what happens when you walk around your gaff looking for something to photograph - in this case, a rusty nail sticking out of a 100-year old stone wall, once upon a time lime-washed but long since neglected:

This was on the 'Blad with a close-up filter on.  Foma 131 paper in the usual Moersch Easylith developer.  Lovely stuff to work with I have to say.


  1. Ah... I know the situation quite well, I must say. Walking around with a camera loaded with film you are more or less desperate to spend.
    I must say this one came out on the well side of things though! Knowing it's coming from the real sort of paper, sloshed around in lith developer and everything, will of course add to the right side of the weight, but then again I must say I really like the composition and the subject as well. Rusty stuff and neglected walls... well, I never seem to get tired of them things.
    I've not yet catched my breath after a good walk around Peterhead with a few cameras in the bag. I might have cought a few ones for the web. Maybe even for the wall if luck is with me... we will see.

    1. You said it, Roy - but best not worry about the cost, eh?! Sometimes you just need to get the damn film finished and see what's on it - you know exactly where I'm coming from - all those great end-of-film shots and all :)

      I was pretty happy with this one, too - all those lovely textures and tones and stuff.

      I'll look out for the Peterhead shots in the usual place...hopefully there'll be a few good 'uns!