Monday, 8 May 2017

A Professor Calls

Me old mate Simon and his partner were over last weekend.   I met Simon on my very first day at Bath University, way, way back in 1981 - he had the room next to mine.  That's only what, 36 years ago.  Nothing, really.

Ideally there'd be a stunning Irish backdrop out the window, but no, I managed to catch some random building with scaffolding.  Ah well.  This isn't the best shot in the world but it's natural and I like it.  Kentmere VC paper.

Simon studied Pharmacy, I was reading Maths.  Not that I read enough, really.  But still, can't go back now, eh?  Interestingly we both ended up in academia, although he was a bit more successful than I was.  Nowadays he runs a big research lab somewhere in Glasgow and spends shed-loads of £s designing anti-cancer drugs, while I just annoy everyone around me by pointing old cameras at them and muttering about f-stops and shutter speeds.  

It was good to catch up with him and his partner Catherine.  You might see some more prints of our couple of days together sometime soon, when I get around to it.  It is hard to be in the darkroom these days, when the sun is out and the air is warm.  Goodness knows that doesn't happen very often around The Liberties, so you have to make the most of it when it does.  Top up the Vitamin D and stuff - good to protect against osteoporosis, innit.  They tell me there's an osteoporosis epidemic coming, they do ('they' would be the medical people I have occasion to hang about with on a regular basis).  Y'see the media have everyone running scared of skin cancer, and so people slap on the old Factor 30 at the slightest hint of sunshine.  Thing is, I'm told, you need your 30mins of sunshine every day during the summer in order to absorb enough Vit D to last you the rest of the year.  Or else you're in trouble - or will be, down the line.

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