Monday, 25 July 2016

People watching

Some people watching at the Raft Race went on - it was a good day for it, what with so many people around.

How did we ever live without mobile phones?  Everywhere you look, people are on them.

I was with a guy once who for a time did street photography of people on their phones - very good he was too, although he was a bit 'in their face' for my liking.  It might be all right in them big cities, but over here in The Liberties you'd get some comments and maybe more.  I've touched on that subject before - maybe because of what is euphemistically called 'The Troubles' people here are wary of getting their picture taken in public.  There was an incident recently in Belfast when quite a well-known photographer was attacked after taking some shots of youths - he was very lucky not to lose an eye.   I do come back to people every now and again though - it's hard not too in this part of the world, as we do have a lot of interesting ones.

These two seemed like a mother-son combination and were a bit over-dressed for the weather - although it did rain for a very short time, mostly it was very hot.  Well, when I say very hot, you know what I mean - very hot for this part of the world, in early summer - capice?

The guy on the left here looks like he's taking the whole raft race thing very seriously.  Not sure what the guy on the right is taking, but he looks happy enough:

This lady was stunning - don't know what the character was, but she'd obviously made a big effort:

And these two caught my eye as the rafts disappeared over the horizon (well, not quite over the horizon - more like around the buoy and into the harbour...)

So that's it for another year.  It was the best of weather and a grand day out - a bit of people watching and a few snaps on the old Ilford HP5+.


  1. So good to see your snaps of the locals out having fun, Michael. With the Nikon and the 180mm it's quite safe, after all.
    Mobile phones... well, at least they give us a few nice snaps to study.

    1. Thanks Roy, appreciate you taking the time to comment. Mobile phones, eh? Who'd have thought it ;)