Monday, 16 October 2017

Waiting for Ophelia

Well the whole of Ireland is braced for the storm of the decade, or so it seems.  What's left of Hurricane Ophelia is heading this way and there's an air of uneasy calm at the minute.  Hardly any wind and an eerie light - very dark.  And it's spookily quiet - all the birds have gone into hiding, it would seem.  But it's warm, very warm for the time of year, with temperatures around 14 degrees.  All schools across Northern Ireland are closed for the day in light of the weather warning - might seem like a bit of overkill but many pupils come in from the country and with the risk of falling trees in the afternoon I guess the authorities are playing it safe.  Missy was of course delighted to hear that piece of news late last night and no doubt took advantage of the situation by staying up late with a good book.

So while we watch and wait, let's look at a bunch of Dutch folk (and visitors such as yours truly) looking at horses at Orvelte Museum Village in Drenthe:

Via the M6/35mm/HP5/Adox paper, sepia tone
It was Horse Day, apparently - and there were a load of them around.  Mostly huge things, all beautifully presented and with the lads and lassies on them well turned out too.  I'm not a big fan of horses, especially great big ones like these were.  Probably on account of me not being able to move very quickly should one decide to start throwing its weight around.  But I can appreciate their beauty - from a distance.

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