Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Snap from a small island

One you might have seen before in a different guise.  A lith-developed print on Ilford Warmtone 5x7 RC paper.  Not toned, just naturally warm.

Rathlin Island, looking West, summer of 2016.  Snapped up on the M6 with a 21mm Voigtlander lens.  One of those wee silver LTM lenses with a adaptor to fit the M6.  A thing of beauty it is, too - with a focussing prong and all.  I could live on Rathlin, even though it's only a couple of miles one way by about 5 the other.  It's one of those places that feels just so in touch with Mother Earth and whatever weather she decides to throw at it, which is usually a lot.  And even though there is electricity and Internet these days it feels very un-connected. And there's history to the place - everywhere.  On the way to school this morning I asked Missy if we were going to Rathlin this summer and she looked at me as if I had horns (a good Ulster colloquialism that one).  The gist of the reply was 'Of course'.  Can't wait.


  1. Beautiful lith from a beautiful place there, Michael.
    Reminds me I should go home and find my little bag with my M6 inside, and that 21mm Elmarit thing I can attach to it. Without an adaptor and everything. It's not at all as handy as the Voigtländer though, and probably not "better" either... but that's not always what it's about either, as we have learnt through the years.
    Good to hear Missy will join you for another trip out there, and I wish you lots of fun and great experiences. And a lot of snaps like this one!

    1. Thanks Roy - appreciated. The M6 and any lens is always a delight to return to, when the mood takes you. The unloved Ken Rockwell got it right when he said the Voigtlander is made in the true Leica spirit - very small, great optics and beautiful to behold as well.