Saturday, 21 January 2017

Whatever you think

So while I'm doing wickedly important bits and pieces in the D-Room and thinking and what-have-you, I offer you this:

Mountsandel Forest, on the Southern Slopes of Coleraine, in the North West of Ireland, where the Bronze Age people dwelt a few thousand years ago. This is such a beautiful area to walk around with or without a camera, especially early morning when the light is decent.  On Kentmere VC Select paper, via WT-10 developer.  Rapidly becoming a favourite combination, I have to say.


  1. Can't see anything suggesting a crazily bad exposed neg from where I'm sitting at the moment, at least.
    Nice snap, Michael. Something one can watch for a long time without getting upset or anything. Just makes me want to breath, and that's usually good. To me anyway.

    1. This one turned out not too bad in the end, Roy, I'm glad to say. Thanks for your encouraging words - appreciated.