Monday, 2 November 2015

Just a tree

Back at The Cutts, there's a tree which I like to photograph every time I'm there...

A tree
As you can see it's well bent, presumably from the strong winds which come up the river from the North.

It looks different from this angle, though, when the sun is shining on it anyway...

Same tree, different view
I must admit I wasn't too comfortable standing there on the edge of that stone pontoon, with the River Bann one side of me and the lock on the other.  But we artists have to push at the boundaries of our safety zone from time to time, right? (Ed: Oh please, spare us...)


  1. What a luck that it was not a windy, rainy and slippery day then Michael :))
    No wonder you like to snap this tree when you happen to be in the area! It's a lovely bush for sure. I'm not to sure which angle I like the most, to be honest, as the first one looks really cool as the angle of the tree is very visible. Anyway, there is definately something with that last composition that just makes it a great photo. What kind of film is this?

    1. Thanks Roy - the light in the second snap makes the tree look a lot better. Film was HP5+ which I rated at 320 and dev'd in DD-X. When I'm out and about and can't think where to go I just pull in here and see what gives. Always some herons and black divers around looking for fish and the water is always interesting.