Monday, 23 March 2020

A Post

I took this last week, on what might well be my last walk on Portstewart Strand for a good while.  In my defence, I was up on the dunes (where almost no-one goes) and it was very early in the morning.  I saw one other person from a good distance away, walking his dog.  I think they've closed the beach now, since it was getting a little silly with everyone flocking to the seaside to 'self-isolate'.  Hmm.

A post, on Barclay lustre grade 3 paper

Yes, it was very overcast...

Taken on the FM3a with an old Vivitar Series 1 35-85 zoom, a combination I hadn't used in a long while.  It's not the sharpest lens on the planet by modern standards but it's a hefty chunk of glass and I like it. It's my only zoom lens!


  1. And a lovely post it is, my friend! It's good to see something still upright like it used to be not too long ago.
    Yes, there was a lot of stuff on the news about people going more or less totally crazy over there when they all of a sudden felt they could stuff common sense wherever they liked to stuff it... I heard there was quite a lot of the same thing going on back home as well, but much of it has stopped now it seems. Not that I know of course, because I'm still over here out at sea you know, but I might get home to check for myself some day in the future.
    It's OK to take a walk on The Strand, Michael... and I think you should if there's only a few people there anyway. If they come in hordes... well stay away! Well... I'm quite sure you got loads of common sense on board anyway, so I'll let you in the drivers seat for this one.
    I have never tried the Vivitar zoom you mention. My father used to have a 28mm Vivitar lens fitted to his old Pentax ME Super... I might find it some day and show some light through the old thing. It's from the mid 70's some time and quite a few great snaps were done with it as far as I remember.
    I got a couple of zooms, but they are all Nikon 35-70 lenses. Not the best ones on the market those things, but they are quite OK as long as you got plenty of light to play with. Nothing great for normal days at our latitudes and in our normal weather as we know.
    Stay safe there, my friend!!

    1. Cheers Roy.

      From what I could see on social media, Portstewart and Portrush were like the middle of the holiday season last weekend - packed to he gunwales (you still have those?!) and everyone out walking around like normal. I think it will change now that Boris has spoken. We'll see.

      Some of those Vivitars were cracking lenses. Good enough for any self-respecting film shooter, I would say.

      Hope you all staying sane out there wherever you are...are you still able to work, or are you all just lazing around on the deck working on the tan? :)

    2. Looks like things are settling down a bit over at your place now, probably due to both Boris doing his bits and also by looking over to elsewhere in the world and the reality starting to sink into peoples minds...
      We're just as sane as we usually are, whether that's a good or bad sign I don't exactly know. The ship has been taken out of it's daily working routine and is at anchor right now just a few miles off-shore Galveston, TX. We're trying to keep a bit busy getting some maintenance done, but also try to get a few hours on deck to see the sunlight a bit more than usual. It's a part of the trying to stay sane thing. We were supposed to get home around the 20th... but it's delayed now and we don't know when we're getting home. Hopefully soon, but who knows...

  2. Nice post. And post. I hope you can get out to make a photo of something anything on your daily walk.

    1. :) Thanks!

      It's going to be tough, Marcus! Yesterday I was reduced to snapping the donkeys at the end of our road. Mind you, it'll be about 2 weeks before that film is finished unless I get the finger out...