Monday, 16 April 2018


Snapped early (ish) one morning, on a wander about Castleroe Wood by the River Bann.  It was a bit misty, if I recall correctly.  Either that or there's something strange going on with me processing:

HP5+ in ID-11, Warmtone RC paper
I’m rather fond of Castleroe. It takes me back in some way every time I go there as it was one of the places we used to go to as a family when I was young. I have photographs of my grandparents walking through the wood and that’s rather nice.  I have a vague memory of being on a shooting trip there grandfather and uncle probably looking for pigeon, or woodcock. Precious few woodcock around nowadays although the pigeon seem to be thriving around our way these days. Anyway it’s a nice walk, through the trees and beside the river.  


  1. Lovely scene and great print. It reminds me a bit of the wetlands park in the northern part of Gangneung. It's also a bird sanctuary so people are limited to just a few trails. Unlike the lake park next to it, not many people go to the wetlands so it's quite relaxing. I think I'll go there this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Marcus - and I hope you made it to the wetlands. Sounds interesting - I'll keep an eye on the usual place for the photographs :)

    2. There might be a photo or two on the film I sent to the lab today. Or maybe of the lake. If it's any good, I'll share.