Monday, 5 February 2018


Ah well, indeed.  What can I say?  Another candid shot of a pretty girl from The Archives, another print on Ilford Warmtone paper.  Clearly the camera (most likely an OM-1) was being pointed through the open window of our VW Caravette.  Somewhere in France I would guess - in the mid 70s:

I know it's not Ireland as the girl is playing badminton.  Outside.  Never happen in The Liberties, on account of the prevailing wind coming off the Atlantic which renders any game of outdoor badminton (a) very short and (b) totally random.


  1. Ah... the same story goes for any game of badminton over where I used to grow up, Michael. A game only played on the very few occasions we found ourselves in some remote area well away from the coastline.
    I really like the old snap, of course. I mean what's in there not to like anyway? A couple of great looking old cars and caravans, and then the french (or whatever) girl as well... Takes you back in time they do, your dives inside your archives :)