Monday, 17 April 2017

Horror Show

This was one of those 'last frames' that you have to take in order to finish the film that has been hanging around in the camera just a day or two too long.  Or even a week or two, given my current state of snapping.  Ah well - it'll come good sometime soon, I'm sure.

Anyway, part of one of the old wooden doors on the outbuildings:

The thing that caught my eye was the cobwebs and the wood grain - only when I printed it I saw a sort of a face-thing.  Disturbing, in hindsight - perhaps I could sell it to one of those horror genre film directors, like James Wan or someone.  I was using the 50mm lens on the Hasselblad with a close-up filter on the front, which works pretty well in the sense it allows you to focus a lot closer than normal.  Right...

On my current favourite paper, Ilford Cooltone RC - for that Art-School look.

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