Monday, 20 February 2017

A house for wee folk

Most days are pretty grey at the minute, but when the sun breaks through the light is lovely.  This wee house sits outside in our back garden and is ready for occupation, although it is probably a little too well ventilated to be comfortable at this time of year.  Still, this being Ireland, you never know when a leipreach├ín or three might happen by and take a fancy to it - do it up, y'know.  A fixer-upper for wee folk, I guess you could call it:

On Kentmere VC Select paper, via WT-10 developer and a bit of sepia/HP5+/ID-11.  

I do know this is a totally boring snap, by the way.  I seem to have all my energies for the darkroom these days and not much for behind the camera.  One result is that since the start of 2017 all the images on North East Liberties have been of prints. It wasn't a real big thing - there's always been a mix of scanned and printed images on here - but I've been gradually moving in this direction for a while and it just sort of happened.  
I guess all blogs evolve in some way or another - 'tis the nature of the thing.  Jim Grey over there in Indiana has been blogging a bit about blogging recently - very interesting reading it is, too.  I haven't really gone into the whole blogging thing in any great depth - I just think of This Place as my journal, it documents my photographic journey, warts and all.  I don't pretend to have any great expertise in the thing, I just enjoy it immensely.  It might be the digital age we are living in, but we all know the real world is analogue and that's still where the magic is.


  1. A lot of great things said here, Michael.
    I'm really happy to hear you're using some time and energy inside the darkroom, as that's where the real magic happen, as we know.
    And on your blogging and that it's even stated in the heading somewhere that it's "somewhere to house your thoughts" or something like that. Which is very nice to have for all of us, I suppose.
    And those last words really says it all... that the real world is analogue, and that's still where the magic is. A very nice way to put the right words in the right place.
    And a nice print again, as usual. I'm looking very much forward to what may come later. And I would very much need some training in split-grade printing, obviously :)

    1. Cheers Roy appreciate you stopping by and your support. It's a funny thing - I spent my whole working life thinking about 0s and 1s, semicolons, argc and argv and pointers and other techno-babble coding stuff and here I am now dealing in chemicals and snatch-points and other unmeasureable things. Although I loved my work, I can't help thinking this is a much nicer place to be!

      Looking forward to seeing your next 'real' prints - although I know you have many things on your list to deal with in the first instance :) Still, they will be worth the wait for sure, knowing you.

    2. Thanks a lot, Michael. Let's hope there will be prints to show off some day rather soon! I'm getting a bit eager to get something produced to be honest.
      I have also started thinking about how and where to post those 365. Any bright ideas? I guess I'll show a few up on the blog, in some kind of form, and let all of them go to flickr inside one album or folder or whatever it's called over there. I have also made an account on the page, where I also had a plan posting all of them.
      If anything at all can be extracted from the films, of course... but that's a different story, as we know.

    3. Better answer late than never, perhaps. I'm of a thought that your 365 project deserves more than 'just' BLAS...AB. I mean, you can sure post the images there (and you should) but a project like this deserves a dedicated space,methinks. Idon't know about but will look there. No solutions, I'm afraid. It will be great, though...stick at it mate!

  2. I just checked, and I got you the wrong link, obviously. It's called and you'll find the lot in there as well as on flickr. I will of course also post them on the blog :)
    Probably too much, but let's just see how everything goes as the days goes by. At least something's out now, finally...