Thursday, 15 December 2016


A wee moment in time, as those snaps usually are, of course.  Here she is, at her homework.  Note - the writing on the back of the hand, the earphones plugged in, phone nearby and music on.  I don't know about that last thing, actually - I need silence to concentrate, but I know that a lot of others like a bit of background music, Missy included.

On the Nikon, HP5+ and ID-11.


  1. Strange thing that music in the ear to concentrate type of thing the youngsters are up to these days. It never worked for me, but then again I'm of the male type where anything close to multitasking is just a no-no!
    My girls are like this... music, TV, homework and who knows what's not there.
    Nice portrait snap, though! :))

    1. Maybe that's it, Roy...the old male gene again. Not much can we do about that, eh? Thanks for the comment. Things progressing slowly around here, as you can probably tell...